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ssx-serverless package



SSX-Server is a server-side library made to work with the SSX client libraries. SSX-Server is the base class that takes in a configuration object to add authentication and metrics to your server.



Enum of supported networks for Alchemy.

Enum of supported networks for Ankr.

Enum of supported networks for Etherscan.

Available SSX Log Types.

Enum of supported networks for Infura.

Enum of supported networks for Pocket.

Enum of supported EthersJS providers.



ENS options supported by SSX.

Allowed fields for an SSX Log.

Configuration interface for ssx-server

SSX web3 configuration settings

Server endpoints configuration.

Type definition for CRUD session functions



Type-Guard for SSXAnkrProvider.

Type-Guard for SSXCustomProvider.

Type-Guard for SSXPocketProvider.

Type Aliases

Type AliasDescription

Alchemy provider settings.

Ankr provider settings.

Cloudflare provider settings.

Custom provider settings.

Etherscan provider settings.

Generic provider settings.

Infura provider settings.

Infura provider project settings.

Pocket provider settings.

Supported provider types.

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