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Self-Sovereign Anything
SSX is a library that enables you to easily integrate Sign-In with Ethereum for authenticating users, managing sessions, understanding user metrics, and much more. We've made it simple to add SSX to both your frontend client app, as well your backend server with minimal configuration.
To hop right in, check out our Quickstart guide:

How Does it Work?

SSX enables dapps to:
  • Easily integrate Sign-In with Ethereum
  • Automatically create and manage sessions
  • Allow users to sign in on behalf of a multisig wallet (Gnosis Safe) for DAO login
  • Get metrics on user sign-ins and learn more about their dapp experience
To learn about configuring SSX for your use cases, or using the DAO login feature, check out:
To learn more about SSX and what's under the hood, check out:

Community and Help

  • Feedback - Have some feedback on SSX? Check out our feature board.
  • 👾
    Discord - Join the #developers channel in the Spruce Discord Server for additional support.
  • 📖
    Blog - Check out the latest updates on SSX posted on the Spruce blog.
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