📊Accessing the SSX Dashboard

Learn how to access and configure the metrics SSX reports from your server


Wondering how to see usage metrics from your dapp? You can integrate your SSX-powered dapp with the SSX Dashboard! By configuring your project and connecting it with the SSX Dashboard, you can access metrics such as DAUs, MAUs, Total Unique Users, logins over time, and more.

In order to use the SSX Dashboard, a backend setup is required.

Getting Started

First, log into the platform (app.ssx.id), and click on "New Project".

Next, the platform will ask you to name your project. You can always change this name later if you wish to.

After creating the project, you will then be given an API Key for that project. Please save it in a safe place to use later, and click the Create Dapp button.

To send logs to the SSX Dashboard you must have an API Key, and you can have only one API Key at a time. If you lose it, you will be able to generate another one.

This API Key will allow you to send logs from your dapp to the dashboard. Be careful where you put it in your code.

You will now be redirected to the dashboard view, and as soon as there is new activity on your dapp, metrics will start to appear! 🎉

Using your API Key with SSX-Server

Once you have your API Key, you can add it to your server using ssx-server. This enables logs from the server to be sent to the dashboard that captures metrics on your server such as the total number of sign-ins.

Adding it to your server looks like the following:

import { SSXServer } from "@spruceid/ssx-server";

const ssx = new SSXServer({
  providers: {
    metrics: { service: "ssx", apiKey: process.env.SSX_API_KEY },

For more details on getting started with ssx-server, check out our quickstart guide!

pageSSX Quickstart

Viewing Metrics

You will be able to view metrics in the SSX Dashboard once you start sending logs from your dapp.

Open the SSX Dashboard and click the View Details button to open the project dashboard. You will find the following:

  • Daily Active Users (DAUs): The number of unique users who have logged in in the last 24 hours.

  • Monthly Active Users (MAUs): The number of unique users who have logged in in the last 30 days.

  • Total Unique Users: The total number of unique users who have logged in.

  • SSX-Logins: an interactive chart with your project's login logs.

  • Users Over Time: a calendar chart with your project's DAUs over time.

  • Users: a table outlining user accounts, balances, and the date and time of their last transaction.

  • Top Contracts: a table with the most used smart contracts by your users.

You cannot delete or update any logs that have already been sent to the platform.

Getting a new API Key

When you create your project you receive an API Key, but you can always generate a new one. Each project can only have one API key at a time and you have to delete the previous one before generating a new one.

If you delete an API Key you won't be allowed to send logs using it - you will have to change the API Key on all configuration files on your project.

If you want to generate another API key, go to the SSX Dashboard home page > click the View Details button to open the project > click the Settings button, and you will see a section titled "API Key".

Click on the delete icon inside the API Key input to delete it, then confirm your decision, and finally click the Generate API Key button to get a new API Key.

Updating your project settings

You can update your project name at any time by going to the SSX Dashboard home page, clicking the View Details button to open the project, and clicking the Settings button. This page will show a section titled Basic Details with a form to change and save a new project name.

Deleting your project

You can delete your project name at any time. Go to the SSX Dashboard home page, click the View Details button to open the project you wish to delete, click the Settings button, and click the trash can icon on the project card.

This action will delete all logs you have already sent to the platform and will not be able to send new logs to this project. This cannot be undone.

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